About us…..

Before being a mountain retreat, the structure was founded as a soup kitchen for the miners and built in about 1250 meters above sea level by the company Montecatini in 1960. With the passage of time the canteen of the quarrymen loses functionality and so, the engineer Guido Donegani, transforms the property in mountain retreat leaving the management to CAI Lucca. The refuge is entrusted to Laura, who with his family, will take care of the business since 1997. The deterioration of the structure resulting in the abandonment ends in 2005 will be the year of change: the family Materi (another engineer), s’ in love with the area and buy and renovate the shelter making it functional again. The management is entrusted to Juliana and her family who will take care of the business since November 2013.

From this date my adventure begins …….

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